The Study of The Study of Android

The Study of the Study of Android — The Article

Discusses how to learn Android app programming.  What to study and in what order.   Worthwhile, valuable resources are named.  Some commentary on OOPs programming and Android app programming is discussed.

The Study of the Study of Android — Slides

Companion slides that highlight the main points in the article.

Givon Zirkind received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Touro College and; his Master’s in Computer Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University, both schools are located in the USA. His career has involved computer operations; software engineering; design and management of business applications with extensive database programming and management; Internet, web page design and implementation; e-commerce solutions, Amazon reselling; computer communications, data transfers and telecommunications; data conversion projects; reverse engineering of data and legacy software; being a published author and editor of a technical journal; teaching and; automated office support. His research work includes AFIS data compression; independent genetic database development and research; bio-informatic datamining; and supra-binary computing. In addition, he has branched out into Android app design and programming.

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