The Study of The Study of Android

The Study of the Study of Android — The Article

Discusses how to learn Android app programming.  What to study and in what order.   Worthwhile, valuable resources are named.  Some commentary on OOPs programming and Android app programming is discussed.

The Study of the Study of Android — Slides

Companion slides that highlight the main points in the article.

My New Website

Welcome to my personal website. I just moved over from Weebly to a website with my own domain. To give my followers an update, I am diligently working on commercializing Transcendental Encryption Codec. A TEC Android app for secure email is under R&D. I am forming a business alliance and developing new partnerships for other product deployments of TEC.

I truly believe that TEC is going to change the encryption market. To date no one has been able to logically or mathematically refute my encryption algorithm. The logic and mathematics of the algorithm is such that conventional code breaking techniques of brute force are not applicable.

Over the past few years I have been criticized about my work on TEC because it does not follow the paradigm of standard encryption codecs. To answer my critics, read my white papers and truly try to break this ciphertext.


So far, attempts with current standard cryptographic software does not yield results when attempting to decrypt the Gettysburg address and other standard text encrypted with TEC codecs that I have made publicly available.